NA discusses Denunciation Law changes

The National Assembly’s Law Committee on March 9 convened its fourth plenary session in Hanoi, with debates focusing on examining amendments to the drafted Denunciation Law.

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The session, chaired by the chairman of the Law Committee Nguyen Khac Dinh, heard a report by Government Chief Inspector, Phan Van Sau, about amendments to the draft law that includes a new chapter on denunciation.

The chapter clarifies the roles and responsibilities of people in charge of addressing denouncements and those who denunciate or are denounced.

The revised law also includes regulations on the protection of those accused of denunciation with the aims to encourage people to bravely fight wrongdoings, corruption and law violations.

The NA’s Law Committee praised many facets of the draft law’s amendments, which aim to concretise new constitutional regulations on human rights and fundamental rights of citizens.

Draft law additions have contributed to the Party’s resolution on strengthening and improving the effectiveness of denunciation settlement and in the fight against corruption.

A Government report recently revealed only 87.4 percent of denunciations were not anonymous, and some deputies said it was hard for authorities to deal with anonymous denunciations.

Deputy Nguyen Van Quyen agreed with the Government’s report, but suggested lawmakers and authorities should make research intensively to find others measures to solve anonymous denunciations.

Nguyen Van Hieu, another deputy, said instead of no regulation on anonymous denunciations, there should be measures to collect or do statistical work so that authorities could closely monitor such instances.

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