Lawmakers suggest renewing State management methods

Lawmakers suggested the government renew management methods to ensure State budget collection and socio-economic development on the sidelines of the fifth session of the 14th National Assembly in Hanoi on May 25.

lawmakers suggest renewing state management methods hinh 0

Deputy Bui Thanh Tung from Hai Phong city lauded economic growth in 2017 with 12 out of 13 targets being met and surpassed, especially in manufacturing and processing. 

Hailing economic growth of 7.38% in the four months this year, a record in a decade, lawmaker Le Kim Toan from Binh Dinh province said many international financial organisations forecast that Vietnam would post growth of at least 6.5% this year, opening up prospects to achieve growth target as assigned by the legislature. 

Lawmakers attributed the growth to contributions of the business community and urged the government to direct ministries, agencies, localities to offer optimal support to them to launch projects, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Lawmaker Hoang Van Cuong from Hanoi said the government should tap opportunities arising from the fourth industrial revolution to reform taxation management. 

According to him, State budget collection relies most on major State-owned enterprises which are restructuring themselves so that their contributions to the State budget will be changed. 

He underscored the importance of creating fairness to businesspeople and the redistribution of sources of revenue to create public consensus when it comes to renovating taxation system. 

Deputies raised concern that those with business licenses regularly pay taxes on time while those doing business on the Internet are not subject to taxes, which he said, will create a transparent and healthy competition. 

Cuong said the government must limit home ownership among rich people, making it easier for the vulnerable better access land, thereby gaining public trust and ensuring State budget collection.


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