Judicial system shows progress, but needs further reform

State President Truong Tan Sang has told the Supreme People’s Court that the most important task for the sector is to deliver accurate verdicts and judgments to ensure justice for all.

As such, the court must take immediate action to accelerate its reform process and increase staff capacity, the President said at the Court’s conference in Hanoi on January 19. 

He noted that in 2014, although the number of cancelled and amended verdicts decreased, the rate is still too high at 1.61 percent, due primarily to the court’s mistakes.

judicial system shows progress, but needs further reform hinh 0

However, the President commended the sector for the impressive workload handled last year, with 92.8 percent of total cases addressed. Major cases, especially those related to corruption, were addressed swiftly and strictly, receiving strong public approval. 

The sector was also active in ensuring the consistent enforcement of laws during judgment. 

For 2015, the State leader has asked the courts to continue implementing the 2013 Constitution, the revised Law on People’s Court, and National Assembly’s resolutions on judicial work and judicial reform. 

According to a report delivered at the conference, the judicial system addressed over 385,000 out of the 415,000 cases it received last year.