Communist Party's 89th founding anniversary

VOV.VN - 89 years ago today, February 3, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) was born, marking a great turning point in the history of Vietnamese revolution and glorious milestone in national development.

Founded by President Ho Chi Minh, the greatest leader of Vietnam, the Communist Party is a pioneer and a loyal representative of the working class, laborers, and the nation.

The course of 89 years has proved that the close connection and bonding between the Party and people are vital to the Party and the Vietnamese nation. The CPV has led the Vietnamese nation to overcome numerous difficulties and challenges to gain momentous victories and historical achievements.

This has been thanks to the Party’s close bonding with the people and promotion of people’s solidarity and strengths, which are decisive to all victories of the Vietnamese nation over the past 89 years and the source of Vietnam’s power.  On this occasion, Ho Chi Minh City hosted an art program to mark the Party’s founding anniversary.