August Revolution’s spirit upheld in national renewal

VOV.VN - Vietnam on August 19 celebrates the 74th anniversary of the 1945 August Revolution, which ended 80 years of French oppression, overthrew the feudal regime, and established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

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Tens of thousands of people march to the Hanoi Opera House in the general uprising on August 19, 1945 (Photo:

The role and significance of the revolution has been promoted throughout Vietnam during its national liberation, renewal, development, and international integration.

Valuable lessons

The success of the August Revolution left behind valuable lessons for Vietnam. It is a lesson about inspiring and promoting the strength of patriotism to create a united national front gathering people from all social strata’sin order to liberate and wrest back independence and freedom for the nation.

It is a lesson about building a revolutionary force capable of fulfilling innovative tasks in different historical periods and understanding the situation to seize opportunities to gain success.

The August Revolution also shows the importance of promoting creativity and self-reliance of the people and Party members, being persistent towards the goal of national independence and socialism, bringing into play the combined strength of the nation to boost national development, renewal and integration.

It is also important to keep pace with the world’s development to make prompt decisions on national renewal, changing mindsets, and a reformed economy.

August Revolution spirit upheld in national renewal

Vietnam’s achievements over the past 74 years, particularly during the over 30 years of renewal, have been mainly attributed to the fruits of and the lessons learned from the August Revolution and the founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Vietnam, starting from a backward agriculture-based economy, with 90% of its population being farmers, has upgraded its infrastructure for the cause of industrialization and modernization, and created a favorable environment to attract resources for national development.

Vietnam’s economic structure has been shifted towards promoting the potential of economic sectors and mixing various types of ownership. A number of key economic regions have been set up to create a momentum for regional and national economic growth.

National unity has been consolidated to overcome difficulties and challenges to fulfill set targets.

In a recent government meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said, “We are resolute to overcome difficulties and be flexible to any situation. We need to closely follow the impact of trade wars to make prompt solutions. It’s important to closely watch the international financial market to take appropriate solutions and prevent shocks on our market. Vietnam welcomes technology companies and enterprises to participate in the global value chains.”

After 30 years of renewal, Vietnam’s poverty rate fell from 80% to 6%, with more than 60 million people escaping poverty. Vietnam has expanded foreign relations and increased its international status.


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