3,320 opinions, petitions sent to 14th National Assembly

The Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee and the National Assembly (NA)’s Standing Committee have collected 3,320 opinions and petitions of voters and citizens nationwide to submit to the fourth session of the 14th legislature.

3,320 opinions, petitions sent to 14th national assembly hinh 0
President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee Tran Thanh Man
This was reported by President of the VFF Central Committee Tran Thanh Man at the opening ceremony of the fourth session of the 14th NA in Hanoi on October 23. 

Voters and citizens expressed their confidence in the leadership of the Party, and the operation of the State. They also applauded the Government’s solutions to stabilise the macro economy, maintain the healthy growth, push administrative reform and improve the business environment and national competitiveness. 

They said the Party, State, the VFF, ministries, agencies and all-level local authorities have paid attention to social welfare, stressing that external affairs and international integration have been intensified, with the most noteworthy being the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Year hosted by Vietnam. 

They also acknowledged efforts made by the NA, the Government, relevant agencies and all-level local authorities to address petitions of voters and citizens to the NA’s second and third sittings. 

However, the voters and citizens expressed concerns over such issues as high public debt rate, sluggish economic restructuring, ineffective operation of projects invested by State-owned enterprises and shortcomings in the personnel work. 

They were also worried about the occurrence of corruption and wastefulness, untimely citizen reception and settlement of petitions and complaints, and complex security, social order and safety at localities. 

According to the report,  the voters and citizens lauded determination of the Government and agencies to materialise resolutions adopted at the fifth meeting of the Party Central Committee, focusing on diversifying economic sectors, encouraging start-up and private economic sector, streamlining administrative procedures, increasing investment attraction and boosting export. 

They proposed the Government devise breakthrough policies to support enterprises to develop and integrate into the global economy. 

In the face of low agricultural product prices, the prevalence of fake, unknown-origin and low-quality goods, and complex developments of smuggling, they suggested the Government continue to roll out policies to assist farmers to shift the structure of their crops and domestic animals, and intensify market forecasting.

Voicing their concerns over unusual climate conditions, the voters and citizens proposed the Government, ministries and agencies work together, enhance weather forecast work and implement measures to cope with national disasters and climate change. 

They also gave opinions on preventive medicine, social insurance, food security and other educational issues.

The voters and people promised that they will accompany the Party and State in the fight against corruption and wastefulness, calling for more drastic actions to handle Party members and officials who show signs of “self-evolution,” and “self-transformation.”

Voters and people in many cities asked the Government to instruct local authorities to publicise and seriously implement approved development planning. 

They proposed the Government guide the Ministry of Public Security, relevant agencies and local authorities to promptly fight crimes, and the Ministry of Information and Communications to step up cyber security management in order to prevent distorted information.

They also commented on shortcomings in citizen reception and the settlement of petitions and complaints. 

Based on the collected opinions and petitions, the VFF Central Committee Presidium suggested the NA and the Government continue drastically instructing the fight against corruption and wastefulness, while paying attention to completing the legal system, especially the adjustment and completion of regulations on corruption and wastefulness combat. 

More efforts should be made to push administrative reform, the Presidium said, calling on the Government to monitor the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and concerned ministries to effectively re-organise agricultural production and encourage businesses to invest in high-tech. 

Responsibility of heads of ministries, State management agencies and authorities in cities and provinces for illegal exploitation of natural resources should be clarified, the Presidium said.

They also made suggestions regarding the planning work, citizen reception and the settlement of complaints and petitions.

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