US experts optimistic about Vietnam-US cooperation potential

VOV.VN - On May 29, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc will begin his first official visit to the US as Vietnam’s Government leader.

us experts optimistic about vietnam-us cooperation potential hinh 0
Walter Lohman, Director of the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center 
The visit demonstrates Vietnam’s international integration effort and is expected to boost comprehensive partnership with the US.

US experts said that the visit will be an opportunity for Vietnam and the US to better understand each other’s policy and interests and establish a frame for future bilateral cooperation. 

Walter Lohman, Director of the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, said “I think it’s a very important time in the US-Vietnam relationship to have the Prime Minister come here at a time we have a new President, and for them to try to understand one another’s interests. It’s very significant that he is the first Southeast Asian leader to come to the US. That’s a kind of an extraordinary situation so we’re very eager to hear what he has to say.”

Anthony Nielson, Director of the East Asia and Pacific practice at the Albright Stonebridge Group said while the visit will much likely center around economic cooperation, Vietnam and the US share great cooperation potential in other areas. 

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