Party official welcomes Cambodian People's Party delegation

Head of the Party Central Committee’s Office Tran Quoc Vuong on November 14 received a visiting delegation from the External Relations Commission of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) led by the commission’s deputy head Sous Yara.

Vuong hailed the cooperation between the two parties’ external relations commissions as making positive contributions to the development of traditional friendship and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cambodia. 

He hoped the two commissions would maintain close cooperation in bilateral issues and at multilateral forums, boost information exchange and share experience and mutual assistance to successfully implement the foreign policies of each party. 

Vuong also congratulated big, important and comprehensive achievements in both internal and external fields that the Cambodian people have achieved under the CPP’s leadership. 

He affirmed Vietnam’s consistent policy to treasure the relationship with Cambodia and give high priority to cementing and developing the friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Cambodia for the benefit of the two countries’ people and for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and in the world. 

Sous Yara thanked Vietnam for its precious and timely support in helping Cambodian people escape from the genocidal regime and prevent the regime’s comeback, as well as in Cambodia’s national reconciliation and reconstruction. 

He affirmed Cambodia would do all it can to preserve and develop the traditional friendly relationship and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cambodia and bring it to a new height. 

Earlier, the CPP delegation held talks with a delegation from the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee’s Commission for External Affairs, during which the two sides informed each other of the situation of each party and each country. They compared note on the regional and world situation and outlined orientations, contents and specific measures to promote cooperation between the two Parties and States in the future.