World tour electric car arrives in Vietnam

Two French engineers, Antonin Guy and Xavier Degon, who are traveling around the world in a standard electric car, have arrived in Vietnam.

At a press conference on July 6, they said this is the first ever tour of this kind.

As planned in their ‘Electric Odyssey’ project, the two engineers set off from Strasbourg, France on February 11, aiming to travel 25,000km through 17 countries in eight months at a total cost of 250 Euros for energy, one-seventh the amount one would spend for a car that runs on petrol. In addition, this car does not produce any CO2 or other pollutants.

They have so far covered 15,000km and said they found their trip in the US to be the most difficult, especially when cruising through the country’s more than 150km of desert, which surpasses the car’s highest energy charge limit of 110km.

The project aims to promote the electric car as an effective and environmentally friendly vehicle for daily users, Guy said.

They will continue with their voyage to China on July 8 before returning back to their starting point in two and a half months.