Workshop to highlight Dong Son Civilisation

The National Museum of History will host a workshop dedicated to Vietnam's Dong Son Civilisation (dating from 1,000BC to 100AD) on November 18.

Aiming to honour its significant historical and cultural value, the event will review all research achievements of scientists over the past 90 years since 1924, when the site of the ancient civilisation was first discovered in Dong Son Village, Ham Rong Ward, Thanh Hoa City in the central province of the same name. 

The workshop will also unveil new discoveries and research on the culture. 

Scientists of the Institute of Archaeology, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the associations of Cultural Heritage and Historical Sciences, as well as cultural managers and museum experts will participate in the event. 

The museum will also cooperate with the Hanoi Museum and provincial museums in Hung Yen, Lao Cai and Nghe An, besides Thanh Hoa and Yen Bai, to organise special displays about the Dong Son Culture from November 18, 2014 till April 2015. 

The objects on display, including bronze drums, working tools and household goods, as well as weapons, music instruments and jewellery, will give visitors a deep insight into this ancient society that dates back more than 2,000 years.