Vietnam’s cultural industry shaped by young artists’ dreams

VOV.VN - The success of the Concert of Childhood Memory in Vietnam over the past three years has contributed to shaping Vietnam’s "cultural industry" - resourced from various industries involved in the creation, production, distribution, and consumption of cultural or creative products, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights.

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The Hanoi Concert of Childhood Memory 2019. 
The annual musical event has helped realize young Vietnamese artists’ dreams while contributing to Vietnam’s cultural industry in the making.

The audience exploded into applause as the 2019 Concert of Childhood Memory ended  this year’s run performances at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi early last month. Over three years with dozens of shows across Vietnam, the concert has been received enthusiastically by the audience, especially the youth.

"The show is very emotional. I had goose bumps watching it. I was very surprised that the ending was inspired by Doraemon cartoons," said a young audience member.

"I found the performance amazing and very appealing. I was very impressed with the performers in the orchestra and then closely follow the entire concert series," another spectator told VOV.

Concert of Childhood Memory was founded in 2016 to help young Vietnamese artists fulfill their dreams of performing music in a hall filled with music fans. And they have made it thanks to the music selected for the programs, which is all familiar to young Vietnamese, as it is derived from their favorite classic anime like Gipli, Naroto, and One Piece.

"We’d like to bring quality performances to our audience, something that can touch their hearts. Although we play classical music, which may sound a bit too academic for many people, that same music has strongly influenced the music found in the Japanese anime that is so familiar to many young Vietnamese. This  demonstrates our strategy to bring classical music closer to a wider public," said conductor Mai Xuan Hai.

Inspired by the drama of coming of age and the passionate drive we feelto realize our dreams, Concert of Childhood Memory Hanoi 2019 – Shinsekai took the audience to the New World with symphonies from two classic Japanese anime features: One Piece and Naruto.

The story of the journey to the “New World” is largely based around the maturation process, and the development of each character as they gather at the sacred music temple and head to the New World together.

This is also the journey of many young Vietnamese artists, who are talented, ambitious, and always eager to improve themselves in order to entertain the world with their music through their passion and application, according to Macoto Tani, General Director of Yamaha Music Vietnam, which has accompanied Concert of Childhood Memory since its very beginning.

“This is the third year Yamaha Music Vietnam has been working with the Concert of Childhood Memory. The artists are very professional in their practicing and performing and this will be  precious experiences for performances at bigger shows in the future. I think Concert of Childhood Memory is a good venue for young Vietnamese artists to train and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s music industry. I really hope this event will take place for many years to come,” said Macoto Tani.

Concert of Childhood Memory has proved that Vietnam’s music industry is catching up well with international trends and is ready to thrive, according to conductor Mai Xuan Hai.

"Most of the young Vietnamese artists have performed in big musical events even when they have not graduated from university. This is a very good way for them to earn experience which will help in their search for future jobs. Concert of Childhood Memory is beneficial for our young artists," said Hai.


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