Vietnam performs traditional music at One Asia Joint Concert

Three traditional musicians from the Vietnam Music Institute will perform at an international music festival in Singapore.

Monochord artist Ngo Tra My, zitherist Hoa Dang and T’rưng (traditional bamboo xylophone) artist Le Thuy Linh will perform at the One Asia Joint Concert 2016 at the Esplanade Concert Hall with 29 musicians from 10 Southeast Asian countries. 

vietnam performs traditional music at one asia joint concert hinh 0
The performance will include eight members of the Japan-based AUNJ Classic Orchestra, which launched in 2008 and features Japanese traditional music. 

AUNJ members play taiko (drum), shamisen (three-stringed guitar), koto (traditional 13-stringed instrument derived from the Chinese zheng and similar to Dan Tranh , 16-chord zither, of Vietnam), shakuhachi (end-blown flute in bamboo) and shinobue (transverse flute). 

The annual One Asia Joint Concert was organised by the AUNJ in 2013 as a cultural exchange programme, enhancing the friendship between Japan and other countries.


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