Vietnam – Indonesia Art Exhibition

An art exhibition, Picturing Pictures Saigon-Yogakarta, displaying works by 12 Vietnamese and Indonesian artists, has recently opened.

The artists on display include Mai Anh Duong, Long Lu Biean, Nguyean Ngoc an, Lea Hao, Siu Quyu, Alan Nguyean from Vietnam, and Sulistyo Chung, Dadi Soesanto, Budi Ubrux, Emmy Go, Agus Suwage, Titarubi from Indonesia. The artists have jointly organised the event in a bid to exchange ideas and interact with each other.

Indonesia is considered to be among the southeast Asian country with the most long-standing, diversified and lively art history and market.

While Saigon (presently know as HCM City) is a large, modern and lively city in Vietnam, Yogyakarta or Jogja are small, with a total population of about 388 million.

However, Jogja is know to be the home town of many talented and well-trained Indonesian artists.

According to artist Long Lu Biean, both Vietnamese and Indonesian artists of the same generation long to showcase their various styles, conceptions, as well as the similarities and differences between two countries' cultures and arts.

The exhibition will run until May 23.