Vietnam comedy comes to Incheon Theatre Festival

Youth Theatre's comedians will represent Vietnam at the 2015 Incheon Bilingual Theater Festival, which will be held from October 8-10 in Incheon, the Republic of Korea.

The artists will take two plays to the festival in Vietnamese with Korean subtitles, including Soi Guong (In the Mirror) by writer Dinh Tien Dung and Qua Song (Crossing a River) by Thu Anh.

Soi Guong is the story of a modern family tragedy.

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Youth Theatre's comedians will represent Vietnam at the festival with two plays of Soi Guong and Qua Cau (Photo: Youth Theatre)

"I wrote about situations and conflicting emotions in order to create meaningful laughter and convey men's subtle messages in family life," said Dung.

Meanwhile, Qua Song is the story of a blind jealousy which took away the happiness of a family.

"This is an opportunity for artists of the two countries to exchange and learn experience from each other, as well as introduce Vietnamese comedy to Koreans," said the Youth Theater's representative.

"After the laughter, we hope the audience will think deeply to draw lessons on how to behave in life."

"2015 Incheon Bilingual Theater Festival" is oganised by Ji Kum Theatre.