Traces of ancient Vietnamese found in archaeological relic in Gia Lai

Vietnamese archaeologists have found artifacts in the central province of Gia Lai that belonged to ancient humans about 5,500 years ago, heard a seminar held by the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology on November 27.

traces of ancient vietnamese found in archaeological relic in gia lai hinh 0

The 234 artifacts were unearthed at Lang Ga 7 relic site in La Boong commune, Chu Prong district, which was first discovered in April, 2015.

They included 205 production tools and 29 stones used to make said tools.

The excavation of the site helps improve knowledge of the history of late Hoa Binh culture in the southern region.

At the seminar, the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology asked relevant authorities to zone off the site and set up a dossier for Lang Ga 7 to be recognised as provincial level relic site.

The term Hoa Binh culture was first used by French archaeologists working in Northern Vietnam to describe Holocene period archaeological assemblages excavated from rock shelters.


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