Tourists flock to Lim Festival, Bac Ha’s White Plateau Spring Festival

VOV.VN - The Lim Festival has opened in Bac Ninh province as a highlight in an array of events marking 10 years since Quan Ho Duet Singing was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

tourists flock to lim festival, bac ha’s white plateau spring festival hinh 0
Visitors attended an incense offering at Hong An pagoda, enjoyed Quan Ho performances, and explored Quan Ho houses to learn more about Quan Ho culture.

Quan Ho folk songs are performed as alternating verses between men from one village and women from another village. Quan Ho is common at rituals, festivals, competitions and informal gatherings.  

The Bac Ha’s White Plateau Festival took place in Lao Cai province from February 14 to 17, revitalizing typical culture of local ethnic groups.

The Festival re-enacted the tug-of-war game of the Tay, the Fire Jump and Going to the Field Festival of the Dao, and the Trung Do Temple Festival. There was also a photo exhibition of local tourist attractions.


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