Three SEA nations strengthen links in fine arts

(VOV) -Leaders of the fine arts associations of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia gathered for a meeting in Hanoi on December 10 to discuss ways to beef up cooperation among the associations.

In a speech, Chairman of the Vietnam Find Arts Association Tran Khanh Chuong highly spoke about recent effective collaboration among the three associations, especially after their 2nd meeting in 2013.

The agencies worked diligently to hold practical activities thus reinforcing friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding among the three countries, Chuong said.

Delegates said they hope for stronger ties among the associations in the time ahead to further strengthen friendship among Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian artists as well as their countries’ fine arts development.

The Vietnam Fine Arts Association suggested its Lao and Cambodian counterparts join hands in organising a range of activities such as exhibitions and exchange programmes for their members.

The Vietnamese association is expected to host a fine arts-related international event for artists from ASEAN member nations and those from Northeast Asia in 2016, and coordinate with the Lao association to publish the book “Vietnam-Laos Fine Arts”.

On the occasion, representatives from the Fine Arts Associations of Vietnam presented insignia “For the Cause of Vietnam’s Fine Arts” to two members from Cambodia’s association.