Spring desire

2012 is the year of the dragon and all Vietnamese have high hopes for the best.

Journalist Vu Cong Lap forecasts that Vietnam will continue to be impacted by economic difficulties in the world, but last year’s achievements will encourage the country to move forward.

 “Fluctuations take place every year. Living in a flat world, we need to prepare to adapt to any changes and seize the best opportunities for the country,” Lap says. “We managed to overcome lots of difficulties and challenges last year and I hope that this year we will solve our financial and monetary problems, control inflation and improve people’s lives. I believe 2012 will be a good year for our country.”

History professor Nguyen Quang Ngoc, a lecturer at the Hanoi National University, hopes to complete his research on Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Hoang Sa or Paracel and Truong Sa or Spratly archipelagoes and other islands. Ngoc says this work will serve the development of a legal document on the sea:

 “The National Assembly has discussed the ratification of the law of the sea. We really hope that the law will safeguard our sovereignty and enable us to take advantage of the sea potential to serve national development.”

This year, the government aims to boost agricultural development, improve people’s lives, enhance social balance and narrow gaps between urban and rural areas. The government’s plans are highly applauded by the public, especially farmers, who, in the early days of the new year, pray for good weather and bumper crops and look forward to a better life thanks to the program on building new rural areas.

A farmer confides: “Being a farmer, I’m appreciative with the program on building new rural areas launched by the Party and State. I really hope that this program will help change the face of our hometown, build new roads and irrigation systems, provide vocational training and change our production habits.”

As Spring is approaching, all Vietnamese people, inside and outside Vietnam wish their homeland prosperity, peace and independence. Soldiers guarding the country’s borders and islands feel warm in their hearts these days thanks to the affection of people across the country.

Nguyen Trung Giang, a young soldier on the Truong Sa archipelago, says “I’m very proud to be defending Vietnam’s sovereignty. My comrades in arms and I are determined to fulfil our task.”

Entering the year of the dragon, which symbolizes growth, all Vietnamese are resolved to join efforts to maintain political stability and bring into full play the internal strength to boost national development.

 “A new spring has come, warming people’s hearts after cold winter days and bringing new hopes for a bright future of the country,” says Duong Trung Quoc./.

Anh Huyen and Phuong/VOV5