Special national flag of Vietnamese expatriates in France

President Ho Chi Minh on September 2, 1945 read the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming Vietnam’s independence and the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The success of the historical event received special attention and support from the Vietnamese community in foreign countries.

A national flag preserved at the National Museum of History is one of the clearest manifestations of this support.

 The flag was presented to the museum by Dao Nguyen Ninh, a Vietnamese expatriate in France in March 1959. It was made in celebration of the success of the August Revolution and the nation’s independence.

Due to distance and lack of information, the dimensions of the flag were not correct and the yellow star was sewn in the corner of the flag. Nevertheless, it was received with respect and has been preserved until today. 

As one travels through the streets of Hanoi in early September, you cannot help but notice Vietnamese flags perched from each and every house.

The flag is a constant reminder to succeeding generations of Vietnamese as to what their predecessors had to sacrifice and endure to secure an independent Vietnam. This is the reason why every house displays the national flag with such pride.


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