Sol Art director Dang Chau Anh develops chorus art in Vietnam

VOV.VN - A Vietnamese children’s ensemble led by Dang Chau Anh won gold medals at the International Choir Competition in Hoi An and the International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival in Germany in 2017.

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Dang Chau Anh, a teacher in the conducting faculty of the Vietnam National Academy of Music
This marked a milestone in Chau Anh’s long-term plan to develop Vietnam’s choral activities, especially among children.

Dang Chau Anh is a teacher in the conducting faculty of the Vietnam National Academy of Music. After realizing that choral music should be for everyone, not just talented students, she opened the Sol Art center and established the Sol Art choir. 

As the art director of Sol Art since 2011, Dang Chau Anh has contributed enormously to the success of the Sol Art Choir at international competitions.

A core member of the project to build and develop the Faculty of Music Education of the Vietnam National Academy of Music, and having had regular exchanges and cooperation with Europe’s leading experts in music education, Dang Chau Anh was selected as a member of the International Society for Music Education, she was also Vietnam’s only representative on the jury board of the International Choir Festival of the International Alliance for Cultural Diversity or Interkultur. 

In this position Chau Anh worked with international friends to organize the 5th International Choir Competition in Hoi An, Quang Nam province. 

Dang Chau Anh said “A Poland choir will soon have an exchange with the Vietnam National Academy of Music and hold workshops to introduce the folk chorus art of Poland. 

Two US choral groups also plan to perform in Vietnam next February and June. We have regular exchanges with world choral groups so that Vietnamese artists can learn and be inspired”.

Dang Chau Anh said she has a great passion to develop chorus art for children “Chorus is a special language and has positive impacts on children’s personalities. 

By participating in choral activities, children can also improve their teamwork skills and solidarity”.

Chau Anh is now working with her colleagues to teach chorus as a major subject at Vinschool.

“I will train more teachers to promote chorus art at Vinschool. I will also help schools develop their own choirs, and help colleagues at other art centers”, said Chau Anh.  


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