SEA Youth Chamber Orchestra stages Vietnam performance

(VOV) - The Southeast Asian Youth Chamber Orchestra (SEAYCO) will perform an October 14 concert at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

The programme, highlighting German violinist Tobias Feldmann and under the baton of Nicolás Pasquet, includes pieces from Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Schubert.

SEAYCO was founded in 2012 to support emerging musical talent. It is part of the Goethe Institute’s Southeast Asian projects, and has received support from Germany’s Merck Company.

The orchestra’s 26 instrumentalists represent Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

They meet for rehearsals at Thailand’s Mahidol University in Salaya once or twice a year.

This year’s rehearsal, already underway, lasts from October 5–13.