Renowned Korean singer So Hyang booked to perform in Vietnam

VOV.VN -Popular singer So Hyang from the Republic of Korea is scheduled to make a return to Vietnam in order to perform at the “Spark live concert: So Hyang in Vietnam”, which is set to take place in Ho Chi Minh City on December 14.

renowned korean singer so hyang booked to perform in vietnam hinh 0
Popular singer So Hyang from the Republic of Korea will perform at the “Spark live concert: So Hyang in Vietnam”
Along with the famous Korean star, the concert will also see the participation of a number of renowned Vietnamese singers and artists, including Tuan Ngoc, Thanh Ha, Ha Tran, Ho Ngoc Ha, Tran Thanh, and Hari Won.

Speaking in her latest video, So Hyang expressed her excitement at the prospect of returning to Vietnam.

In addition, the Korean singer added that plenty of preparation will go into the concert and will offer an unforgettable experience for Vietnamese fans who attend.

Kim So-hyang, who goes by the stage name So Hyang, is a Christian Korean singer who is well-known for her controlled, skillful, and developed voice. Indeed, she has been dubbed by the international media as the “Korean Mariah Carey”.

On a previous occasion So Hyang came to Vietnam to perform at the “I AM DIVA” ceremony following an invitation from local singer Thu Minh.


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