Poets attend Val-de Marne Int’l Poetry Festival

(VOV) -Two Vietnamese poets Tran Dang Khoa and Nguyen Bao Chan have joined the 12th Val-de Marne International Poetry Festival being held in France from May 24-June 2.

27 famous poets from Vietnam, South Africa, Haiti, Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Scotland enjoyed listening to poems both in their mother tongues and French.

Khoa expressed sincere thanks to his French colleagues, including poet and journalist Madeleine Riffaud and director Gerand Guilaumme, for having translated and introduced his poetic works, especially those depicting his little hometown, to international readers.

In 1968, he said, Riffaud helped publish his poems in the l’Humanite newspaper.

Then, on New Year’s eve of 1969 the documentary Le petit mode de Khoa (The Small World Of Khoa), with the script and commentary written by Guilaumme, was screened on French and European televisions.

Last February, his 37-poem collection, illustrated by French artist Dominique de Miscault through her paintings, was displayed at the French Cultural Centre L' Espace in Hanoi.