Oscar ceremony to be broadcast live on HTV

Hanoi Radio and Television (HTV) on February 25 announced it intended to broadcast the Oscar awards ceremony live this year.

This is the second year HTV channel bought the copyright to broadcast the globally popular programme.

However, Star Movies had already bought the copyright to broadcast the 83rd Oscar event live, so HTV will broadcast it in Vietnam at 8pm on March 2 on HTV1, then re-broadcast the ceremony at 8pm on March 3 on HTV2.

The programme will include three parts: “On the Red Carpet-The Arrivals” (which lasts 60 minutes), the “Academy Awards” (120 minutes) and “On the Red Carpet-The Winners (90 minutes).

HTV channel will invite editors Duong Thuy Linh and Thanh Tung to be the programme’s MCs, and Hanoi Radio and Television will produce additional programming to comment and analyse the upcoming cinematic event, in which outstanding films will compete for awards in 24 categories.