NBT 2 HD to screen best series of The Three Kingdoms on July

On July 1, the Public Relations Department (PRD) will screen the best historical series of The Three Kingdoms on NBT 2 HD.

nbt 2 hd to screen best series of the three kingdoms on july hinh 0
This is part of the trailer of "The Three Kingdoms" series the PRD will screen on NBT 2 HD on July 1, 2019. It is considered the best series of The Three Kingdoms produced by China in 1991 and was first released in Thailand in 1994. It is completely based on The Three Kingdoms literature. A total of 84 episodes will be screened from Monday to Friday, 8.30 - 9.30 p.m. Each episode will be hosted by a person who provides insights into the series.

PRD Director General, Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkumnerd said “In The Three Kingdoms, there are many interesting issues such as moral precepts or guidelines in the manner of ideas from each character. When something like this happens, what drives the character to make such a decision There is a saying from the press conference on the screening of The Three Kingdoms on NBT 2 HD, that if you haven’t watched The Three Kingdoms, you can’t think big, so anyone who wants to think big must watch The Three Kingdoms”.

For "The Three Kingdoms" series, the PRD has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mr. Goo Hongsing, Director of the China Cultural Center in Bangkok and Mr. Chaiyut Thaweepworadet, Executive Director of MV Television (Thailand) Co., Ltd. on producing and publishing the historical series The Three Kingdoms of the 1994 edition.

"The Three Kingdoms" is Chinese literature based on the history of the late Han Dynasty, authored by "Luo Kwan Chong". It has been translated and edited in 10 languages worldwide including Thai. It was first translated by Chao Phraya Phra Khlang (Hon) and written on Thai Scrolls in the reign of King Rama I. In 1820, it was made into a series and published in many countries around the world, making The Three Kingdoms series very well-known and popular as a remarkable historical drama.