Mural painting adds a green touch to Da Nang airport

A mural painting on flowers and tropical trees by painters from the Tan Hanoi Art Company has been completed at Da Nang International Airport.

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Painters with the mural painting

This is the first painting as part of an art project to transform Da Nang airport into a tropical garden. 

The painting is a result of team work between Nguyen Thu Thuy — known for the Ceramic Road along the Red River dyke in Hanoi — and four other artists including Tran Dinh, Nguyen Phu, Dinh Huy and La Phuc.

The paint — a variety produced by the French-based industrial paint producer Guard Industrie — covers a pillar that is 7.4m in height and 6.4m in diameter.

Once the painting was completed, two French experts from Guard Industrie visited Da Nang airport and tested the paint’s durability by pouring water on the mural and using towels to rub the surface. 

They expressed pleasure because it is the first time that the company’s paints have been used to make an artistic painting.

mural painting adds a green touch to da nang airport hinh 1
Painters during the process of making the painting

According to painter Thuy this is a real breakthrough in terms of finding a new suitable material to decorate public spaces in urban areas.

Currently, the painter is drawing an overall outline to decorate Danang International Airport, aiming to turn it into a tropical garden with popular kinds of trees in Vietnam.

Nhan Dan

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