Little weekend market brings antique collectors together

A little weekend market, located in a café in alley 311 on No Trang Long street, Binh Thanh district, has been well-known among antique hunters in Ho Chi Minh City since 2013.

little weekend market brings antique collectors together hinh 0

Shops open from 6am to 2pm. Buyers and sellers both pay a VND30,000 (US$1.3) entrance fee, which includes a drink from the café.

“We call it a market but in reality it’s more like a place where people who share the same passion for antiques come together to meet and talk,” said a shopkeeper who goes by the name of Khanh.

“Sometimes, collectors just come in to show off their treasures. Many others just come to have a cup of coffee and watch,” he added.

Antique hunters travel the country to collect their wares; some even bring things from overseas to sell here. One can find anything here: vintage cameras, typewriters, watches and out-of-circulation coins and bills.

Business here is done in a different way: no bargaining, no yelling and no rushing. Both buyers and sellers take the time to talk, to carefully watch and to admire precious items that belong to a distant time.


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