Korean artists set to showcase lacquer artworks in Hanoi

The Korean Ottchil Art 2019 exhibition will be held at the VICAS Center for Assistance and Development of Contemporary Arts (VICAS Art Studio) in Hanoi’s Dong Da District from May 23 to June 23.

korean artists set to showcase lacquer artworks in hanoi hinh 0

Fifteen Korean contemporary artists will display 47 ottchil (Korean lacquer) artworks at the event aimed at spurring art exchanges between Korea and Vietnam.

The artworks represent a new genre of ottchil in terms of materials and techniques, and the production process and craftsmanship of traditional Korean mother-of-pearl inlaid lacquer wares.

The exhibition will allow artists and viewers in Vietnam to have a deeper understanding of ottchil art and the approaches and methods that generations of artists in Korea have been preserving and adjusting their traditional lacquer wares and contemporary ottchil artworks.

VICAS Art Studio and Ottchil Art Museum in Tongyeong will hold a workshop on Korean Ottchil Art, From Traditional to Contemporary at VICAS Art Studio on May 24.

The workshop will feature Vietnamese and Korean lacquer artists, and art critics.

Saigon Times