Italian exhibition to display Trump portraits by Vietnamese artist

VOV.VN -Five paintings portraying US President Donald Trump by Vietnamese artist Tran Lam Binh will be showcased during the Florence Biennale exhibition which will be held in Italy this October.

italian exhibition to display trump portraits by vietnamese artist   hinh 0

Binh has produced a total of five portraits for the exhibition, all of which depict the US President and have been drawn in a pop-art style with vibrant colours.

Since 2015, the Vietnamese painter has created approximately 500 paintings and statues featuring US President Donald Trump.

The 37-year-old painter expressed his fondness of the US President due to his sense of humour and unique appearance. Binh added that he also likes the range of facial expressions used by Donald Trump.

The artists noted that in his eyes, the president’s face is a lively contemporary artwork in its own right, which has inspired him to create an array of paintings.


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