Italian ensemble Mezzotono to perform in Hanoi

(VOV) -Five young Italian artists will entertain Hanoi audiences with a concert entitled “Mezzotono, Small Orchestra without Instruments” at the Italian cultural centre “Casa Italia” on June 16.

The most amazing and peculiar feature of the orchestra is that no musical instruments are involved as the artists improvise and produce all the differing sounds of an orchestra just with their voices, called “a cappella”.

italian ensemble mezzotono to perform in hanoi hinh 0

The unique atmosphere this technique generates encourages audiences to actively participate in the show, becoming part of the orchestra.

The group will also perform a variety of genres including jazz, bossanova, mambo, tango, big-band and classic music.

Some famous Italian songs which will be introduced include Quando quando quando (by Tony Renis), Un uomo in frack (by Domenico Modugno) and Buonasera Signorina (by Fred Buscaglione).

“Mezzotono” has presented its music in many Italian and foreign theatres. They also have held a wide range of seminars and master classes in universities across the globe focusing on the “a cappella” musical technique.

The band was selected as one of the ten best in Italy in 2008 and recorded a smashing hit CD entitled “A-Cappella Made in Italy”.