'Hoi An Memories' now performed twice a night

Hoi An Memories, managed by Gami Theme Park, is an outdoor cultural spectacle that started from humble beginnings in central Vietnam’s ancient town of Hoi An and has now grown into a global phenomenon.

'hoi an memories' now performed twice a night hinh 0

Delivering their opening act less than a year ago, the 500 performers in the show have already attracted 500,000 visitors from around the world. To accommodate the drastic rise, the number of shows will be increased to two per night starting from April 26.

With visitor numbers rising from an initial 50 per night to 1,000 within a year, Vietnamese officials are using the successful show as an example for future tourism projects.

 “Hoi An Memories is a new tourism product that will help increase the length of stays by international and local tourists,” said Mr. Ho Tan Cuong, Deputy Director of the Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

“Quang Nam province will put such products into mainstream tourism promotion programs and encourage businesses to invest in developing similar products in the province.”

 “The most beautiful in the world” and “A feast for the eyes” is how some of the audience described the performance, where the skilled dancers give the audience a glimpse of how Hoi An developed from a small farming village into a vibrant tourist destination, using breath-taking effects, detailed props, and intricate and expressive choreography.

 Adding to the grandeur of the performance is the 25,000 sq m stage, the biggest outdoor stage in Vietnam, which is been built on a natural island on the Thu Bon River.

 Moving forward, the show’s organizer is expecting the number of visitors to skyrocket to 2 million in 2019, with tourists from the US, Europe and Asia. Visitors watching Hoi An Memories from March 20 have also been treated to a newly-revised spectacle, as the organizer introduced the third revised show with improved art, sound, and lighting.


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