Hoang Nam clinches ITF championship title

(VOV) - Vietnamese tennis teenager Ly Hoang Nam outplayed top seed Boris Pokotilov of Russia in a final match on October 27, claiming a historic victory at the ITF's Group II youth tennis championships in Bangkok, Thailand.

The first set saw a tight race between Pokotilov (world rank 103rd) and underdog Nam (world rank 142nd), ending in 6-6 and forcing the two to play a tie-breaker.

Despite his physical strength, Pokotilov fought hard against Nam’s long-distance, wise serves and fell into his opponent’s trap, surrendering to the Vietnamese player in the tie-breakers.

A shoulder injury also prevented the Russian player continuing the second set, meaning Nam won the final match.

hoang nam clinches itf championship title  hinh 0
Hoang Nam expects to improve his global ranks after the hictoric victory in Thailand (PhotoVNE)

Nam went down in history as the first young Vietnamese player to take the trophy at an ITF tournament.

The Vietnamese player beat Kaewsuto Chayanon of Thailand in the semi-finals and Hua Runhao of China in the quarter-finals before entering the final match.

With the historic victory, Nam got an additional 100 points and is expected to be placed in the top 100 young players.

His predecessor Hoang Thien qualified for the final game of ITF Juniors 2011, but lost to his opponent in the decisive serves.