Health Ministry debuts music video to mark fight against COVID-19

VOV.VN - “No one is left behind” is an important message that the Ministry of Health wants to deliver in a music video launched on August 24 evening to encourage people of all social strata to join hands to fight against COVID-19.

The MV Vững tin Việt Nam (literally Vietnam is confident to move forward) is a joint product made by  the Ministry of Health, the United Nations Development Programme, and the Vietnam National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health.

Through the release of the MV, the ministry calls on local people to develop habits in order to adapt to a new normal that can cope with the infectious disease and seek a pathway towards economic recovery.

The song has been composed by Pham Minh Thanh, sung by Ha Le, and mixed by Tung Tic of Sony Music Entertainment HK.

Some of the celebrities to feature in the video include football star Bui Tien Dung, adventure lover Tran Dang Dang Khoa, and handicapped individual Nguyen Thi Van.

The majority of the music video was shot in a small alley where residents assist each other in an effort to overcome difficulties faced during daily life. Locals people explain to each other the need to wear face masks, wash their hands, and maintain a two-metre distance from each other in the battle against COVID-19.

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