Hanoi to host craft villages’ exhibition

(VOV) - Hanoi’s traditional craft villages, with their centuries old cultural values and techniques passed down from generation to generation, have become increasingly popular with tourists.

The villages range from specialising in lacquer painting, pottery and porcelain, embroidery and rattan knitting to textiles, paper, folk print and many others.

To help promote the tourism potential of the villages, Heritage Space is organising a cultural exhibition casting the spotlight on the villagers’ handiwork kicking off at 3pm on January 24 at Dolphin Plaza on 28 Tran Binh road.

In connection with the event, which runs through March 30, a representative of Heritage Space has also revealed that a large number of famous celebrities are planning to attend.

The organising board plans on it becoming an annual event educating young people about their heritage and promoting tourism and small-scale manufacturing, the representative stressed.