Fourth Int’l FingerStyle Guitar Festival set for Aug 25 in Vietnam

VOV.VN - Five renowned artists from different nations will participate in the International FingerStyle Guitar Festival, which will get underway at the Vietnam Youth Theatre on August 25.

fourth int’l fingerstyle guitar festival set for aug 25 in vietnam hinh 0

Fingerstyle is a technique of playing the guitar using the fingertips, fingernails or with picks attached to the fingers.

It has been strongly developed in Vietnam over recent years. One way of describing the style is that the guitarist uses rhythmic-percussive techniques to create a sophisticated layering of sound.

Fingerstyle brings about a whole new perspective for the acoustic guitar and is currently drawing the attention of many guitarists in Vietnam. 

The festival, the fifth of its kind in the country, is an annual event organized in Asia since 2010 with the participation of famous artists from various countries around the globe. 

This year’s event attracts the participation of five international artists including Huang Chia-Wei of Taiwan (China), Andres Godoy of Chile, Claus Boesser Ferrari of Germany, Ryohei Shimoyama of Japan and Tom Lumen of Hungary.

With the attendance of international artists, the festival promises to be an impressive cultural exchange, which will help the dynamic style of guitar playing to flourish in Vietnam. 


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