First Tam Giac Mach flower festival to be held in Ha Giang

The first Tam Giac Mach Flower Festival will be organised in the northwest province of Ha Giang from November 13-15.

The festival will be held in the districts of Dong Van, Quan Ba, Yen Minh and Meo Vac. Its aim is to promote the special cultural feature of the Dong Van Highlands.

The festival will include many activities highlighting the history and origin of the Tam Giac Mach flower, the symbol of Ha Giang and the Dong Van Highlands. 

A wine festival and photo exhibition will be held as part of the event. 

Tam Giac Mach, or "triangle oat", is a tiny wild flower with triangular-shaped leaves with a pink colour. The "triangle oat" fields attract many visitors to Ha Giang.