Exhibition on President Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary cause in Paris

VOV.VN - Documents on President Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary cause have been on display at an exhibition recently held in Paris, France.

exhibition on president ho chi minh’s revolutionary cause in paris hinh 0
Visitors are introduced to the precious articles on the great leader’s revolutionary activities in France. The exhibits were collected by historian Alain Ruscio with the support of the Vietnamese associations and Vietnamese archives centers in France.

As part of the exhibition, author Alain Ruscio unveiled a book entitled “Ho Chi Minh’s articles and his revolutionary struggle.

” It is a collection of articles written by Ho Chi Minh and witnesses about the great leader of Vietnam. Two groups of readers might be interested in this book. First are people of my generation, the elderly, who know a lot about the French people’s support for Vietnam. Second, I hope that the portrait of President Ho Chi Minh will attract youngsters because Ho Chi Minh is famous worldwide”, Historian Ruscio said. 


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