Exhibition “Community • Co-design • Architecture” in Hanoi

The one-month exhibition entitled “Community • Co-design • Architecture”, curated for presenting collaborative design processes in community-based architecture projects, researched and developed by Norwegian architect Alexander E. Furunes will be held in Hanoi from July 6 to August 5.

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Jointly organized by Nanoco gallery and “Action for Lung Tam” project, it features a series of talk shows where the exhibitor and “Action for Lung Tam” team will directly explain and discuss the co-design processes and its impact on developing sustainable communities, illustrated by actual previous projects in India, China and Philippines and an ongoing project in Ha Giang. 

The exhibition focuses on the questions: What can architecture do? How can the way it’s made have an impact beyond the building itself? And who should eventually benefit from the project?

All presented models and items for “Action For Lung Tam” project at the exhibition will be re-designed and donated to Lung Tam Cooperative for their own future construction.

Alexander E. Furunes started his studies at NTNU, Norway and continued at the AA School of Architecture in London. He received his master’s degree in architecture from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in January 2014.

He is also one of three founders of WORKSHOP architecture, a collective of architects and engineers that explore the potential of engaging communities in creative processes in design and build projects.

Some of his past projects and on-going projects are:

• 2010: A Study Center in Tacloban, Philippines, where he is leading the rebuild of the orphanage and schools process that later was adopted by the organization. The building won the A+ award in 2012.

• 2012: he worked closely with the traders of Berwick Street Market (London, UK), to create a voice for the community and develop an alternative master plan for the area
• 2013 – 2016: completed project Tagpuro, Philippines, following the destruction of project Tacloban (2010) by super typhoon Haiyan (Nov 2013).

• 2017 – present: collaborate with Action For Lung Tam to Action for Lung Tam team to co-design a new building for Lung Tam Handmade Linan Fabric and Action for Lung Tam is a crowd-sources project, aiming for enabling of inner strength and potential of Lung Tam Handmade Linen Fabric and Textile Cooperative.


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