English version of COVID-19 song “Ghen Co Vy” makes debut

VOV.VN - After the original Vietnamese version of the song went viral, an English language version of the now famous novel coronavirus (COVID-19) song known as “Ghen Co Vy” has been released, promoting a message of community unity in the fight against the epidemic.

The release of the track comes off the back of the huge success enjoyed by the Vietnamese version of “Ghen Co Vy” which quickly became something of an anthem for COVID-19 prevention steps globally.

An English language version of the hit is one part of the #EndCoV project co-ordinated by the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health and the Ministry of Health, who recruited musicians Khac Hung and Mew Amazing, singers Min and Erik, dancer Quang Dang, and Goodwill Ambassador Chau Bui to compose the song.

Spreading the message of “prevention is better than a cure”, the project aims to unite communities and encourage people to follow basic preventative habits whilst praising those on the frontline of the fight, including doctors, epidemiologists, and healthcare workers who are exposing themselves daily to the COVID-19.

In the midst of an ongoing battle it falls to each person to be aware of the need to protect oneself, one’s family, and the wider community.

Within 12 hours of being uploaded the English version of the song had attracted 60,000 views and nearly 600 comments on YouTube. In addition, fans of the track are anticipating the release of French, Spanish, and Italian versions of the song to follow.

The Vietnamese version of the song had originally gone viral after being broadcast on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, who praised the country for its effective communication outlets which provide information on the disease for citizens.

The release of the song got a positive response, with various international media outlets, including US-based music magazine Billboard, and French television channel BFMTV praising the track.

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