Creative spaces kindle artistic dreams

VOV.VN - Creative centers such as Hanoi Creative City, Heritage Space, Hanoi Rock City, and Nha San Collective and Station 3A in HCM city are places where artists can exchange ideas and introduce their new works to the public.

creative spaces kindle artistic dreams hinh 0

The first Street Art Fair, sponsored by Hanoi Creative City, is open to everyone interested in painting, sculpture, or music. 

It narrows the gap between artist and audience. At the Street Art Fair, painters draw pictures on request. 

Painter Phuong Vu Manh, the initiator of this idea, said he would soon organize a second Street Art Fair. 

“My friends and I will soon organize another similar event. We chose Hanoi Creative City’s courtyard because we cannot hold it on the sidewalk. Here our activities won’t interfere with traffic,” he noted.

The Heritage Space on Tran Binh street in Hanoi recently hosted an experimental music show by musician Vu Nhat Tan. The show, “Empty World”, combined dance, electronic music, piano, and traditional music. 

Tan said, “Empty World is a curtain raiser performance in a 600 sqm space. The artists and I had to practice a lot on this large stage.”

Contemporary art centers like Hanoi Creative City in Hanoi and the Nha San Collective in Ho Chi Minh city have created a new approach to art enjoyment. 

Architect Doan Ki Thanh, Director of Hanoi Creative City, shared, “A creative space requires three things: infrastructure and equipment, programs, and the community. Hanoi needs more cultural spaces like this. Hanoi Creative City is a model."

"We always cooperate with other cultural centers such as the German Goethe Institute and the British Council to organize events here,” he added.

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of Heritage Space, said creative centers would help develop the cultural industry.

“We earn profits and add values which are intangible. For example, when people visit a contemporary art museum or cultural center in a city, they will understand that the city encourages new values and creation and acknowledges cultural contributions,” he said.


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