Concert “Classic Timeline” in Hanoi

An entertainment music show called “The Classic Timeline” will be held at Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang Street, My Dinh 2, Hanoi on April 29.

The concert aims to give the audience classical melodies and harmonies popular for hundreds of years and still full of charm, representing a breath of life and love.

This concert will present L.V Beethoven’s Serenade in D major, Op. 8 for string trio for the first time in Hanoi as performed by Gladia group.

With the participation of an Oboe talented artist Hoang Manh Lam, “The Classic Timeline” will present Mozart's Oboe Quartet in F Major which is rarely performed in Vietnam.
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Also, artists will perform selected pieces from famous composers such as: Dvorak, Elgar, Schubert, etc.

Gladia was formed 2 years ago. It is the combination of close friends who share the same passion and orientation in music. The band is dedicated to string quartet in both classical and modern music; they have performed with many other groups and artists. 

The team is always thorough in practice to introduce to the audience the best musical compositions.
Heritage Space is a combination of an art gallery, a library, a concert hall, co-working office, residency space, artist studios and some openstages. 

It has the capacity to host art exhibitions, music events, educational programs, multi-creative forms, artist-in-residency programs and others. 

Run by a group of curators, artists, researchers, musicians and architects, Heritage Space’s mission is to become a HUB for individuals and groups working on multi-disciplines from both inside and outside of the country to support and develop the creative industries in Vietnam.


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