Classical theatre embraced by young Vietnamese

VOV.VN - Vietnam’s traditional stage performances have become a magnet for many young Vietnamese who wish to learn more about their cultural roots, thanks to tireless efforts by independent artists and groups.

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Established in 2017, Hanoi’s Kim Duc art troupe attracts Ca tru lovers who come to perform or watch Ca tru shows twice a month. At a recent show to celebrate spring, the audience was treated to a performance by Pho Thi Kim Duc, the only remaining Ca tru artist of the famous Kham Thien Ca tru group of the former Thang Long capital, which is now Hanoi.

"I’m a regular visitor to Ca tru singing performances. I was very touched listening to Kim Duc sing. I think what the Kim Duc art troupe is doing is a very good way to preserve and promote the art of Ca tru singing," said young Hanoian Nguyen Ngoc Huy. 

A growing number of young people are taking an interest in Vietnamese classical theater. At Hanoi’s Cheo Theater in Tay Ho district. The audience assembles on large mats to enjoy Cheo, or popular opera, performances.

The sounds of cymbals, drums, and fiddles accompany the artists’ singing and movements.

"I think traditional theater is of great interest to many people, including the younger generations. Performing Cheo would be a great way for a young person like me to explore this art form. We should come to the live performances of Cheo artists to appreciate their talents as much as possible," said Nguyen Ngoc Ha, a student at Hanoi's Foreign Trade University.

Similar performances of classical theater are organized regularly by the Ancient Music Group of Tonkin at 50 Dao Duy Tu street in Hanoi. Nguyen Phuong Nhi, a student at the Vietnam National Academy of Music, says the group successfully blends traditional and modern music. 

"Shows created by the group have helped me better understand my cultural roots while encouraging my exploration of traditional stage performances. I’ve learned a lot from these shows," Nhi told VOV.

Young Vietnamese have shown an increasing interest in national traditional theater thanks to tireless efforts of artists and art lovers from groups like Kim Duc art troupe and the Ancient Music Group of Tonkin.


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