China publishes book on Vietnamese general Nguyen Son

A Chinese book on Nguyen Son, a general of both Vietnam and China, made debut at a discussion in Beijing on October 21.

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The 400-page book “Our Father Hongshui-Ruanshan” was written by Chen Hanfeng and Nguyen Thanh Ha, the Chinese and Vietnamese children of the general. Nguyen Son is pronounced Ruanshan in Chinese, and his Chinese name is Hongshui. 

It features 15 chapters looking back at revolutionary activities of the General in China and Vietnam, from the time he followed the call of Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh) to enroll in a special political training course in China’s Guangzhou and the Huangpu military school, then took part in China’s Long March, until when he returned to Vietnam and served as head of the resistance committees of the southern and the southern central regions, and Chief of the Defence Ministry’s General Staff. 

At the discussion, Vietnamese Ambassador to China Dang Minh Khoi said the book’s publication coincides with the General’s 60th death anniversary (October 21, 1956) and 80 years since the end of the Long March in China. 

It is also part of a series of books published in the programme “Hongse Nianlun” (Red Annual Ring) of the Chinese State. That demonstrates the respect the Party and State of China give to Nguyen Son for his contributions to the country’s revolution, Khoi said. 

“Our Father Hongshui-Ruanshan” is about a talented general who had a wide knowledge and practical experience. He was also a founder of Kangdi bao (Resistance News), the predecessor of the People’s Daily, said Huang Xiaoxin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Press and Publication Research Institute. 

In an article published on the People’s Daily, Party General Secretary and President of China Xi Jinping said Nguyen Son devoted himself to the revolution of China. He took part in the 25,000-mile Long March and became the only foreign general of the new China during the first days of the country. 

He was also among the few who are appointed generals of two countries at the same time in the world, Xi wrote on the occasion of his State visit to Vietnam last November.


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