Cham’s traditional craft of pottery to seek UNESCO recognition

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has asked the south central province of Ninh Thuan to compile a dossier on the Cham people’s traditional craft of pottery to apply for UNESCO recognition as an intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding.

cham’s traditional craft of pottery to seek unesco recognition hinh 0

The ministry advised the province to conduct surveys and studies and invite other localities where Cham people engage in the traditional craft of pottery to join in creating the dossier.

One of the most outstanding features of the Cham people’s traditional pottery making is the technique of shaping their wares by hand rather than a wheel and using simple tools or shells to decorate them.

The products are then dried under the sun from four to six hours before being fired outdoors using straw or wood.

The skillful hands of the Cham people have created a variety of products which they use for their daily activities and spiritual worship. Some of their products include cylindrical jars where they keep water or rice, reliefs, decorative lamps, and statuettes of Apsara or Siva Gods. 

Their works showcase the creativity and unique culture of the Cham people.

The pottery making craft of the Cham people in Binh Thuan province and Bau Truc Village in Ninh Thuan has been included in the list of the country’s intangible cultural heritage.

Bau Truc Village is one of the oldest pottery villages in Southeast Asia. About 85% of the village’s 400 households make pottery.


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