Canadian painter’s heart for Vietnam

(VOV) - Vietnam Ambassador to Canada To Anh Dung on September 4 received Canadian painter, Jean-Mauriece Gelinas who presented a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh painted by the artist to the Vietnam Embassy on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of National Day.

Ambassador Dung expressed his appreciation and utmost respect for the artwork signifying the artist's love for Uncle Ho as well as for Vietnamese land and people, saying that the precious gift is of great significance for Vietnam’s celebration of the day President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence and is a symbol of friendship between the two nations.

For his part, Jean-Mauriece Gelinas said during his one-month trip to Vietnam in 2010, he was impressed about the Vietnamese history, culture and people. He said he also highly admired President HCM’s life and career, especially his thought of openness to the outside world, especially Western countries.

Upon learning of the friendship between Uncle Ho and renowned cubism painter Pablo Picasso, Gelinas was very excited and decided to draw a portrait of Uncle Ho based on the "the Joy of Life" (Joie de Vivre) made by this Spanish artist. The portrait expresses his appreciation for President Ho Chi Minh and his joy and sentiment towards the Vietnamese land and people.

Artists Gelinas said President HCM is a world cultural celebrity, a great leader for Vietnamese people and that is what he wanted to show in the portrait.

Gelinas who lives in the city of Montreal is a member of the Pastel Society of Canada.He graduated from Conservatory of Music and Drama in Quebec and used to keep position as theater director in Canada.