Brownian Movement comes to Vietnam

Vietnamese and international artists are working together at Heritage Space under an art project entitled Brownian Movement.

The artists are Polish Ludwika Ogorzelec, French Thierry Fontaine, Republic of Korea’s Yun Woo-choi, Vietnamese Truong Que Chi, Kim Hanh, Quach Bac, Ha Ninh and Do Thanh Lang.

"I have had both visual and non-visual experiences in Hanoi. Movements in the city are very strange and I'm deeply impressed by these movements," said visual artist Tran Trong Vu who is the project's art consultant. 

"A person will witness abnormal movements when he walks in Hanoi's streets. It is like brownian molecular movements. The climate and landscape in Hanoi are ideal for implementing a Brownian Movement project".

The work space at Heritage Space in 28 Tran Binh street is divided into many open workshops and forums have been organised regularly for artists at weekends.

"Working with three experienced artists from New York, Wrocklaw and Paris is a challenge for young Vietnamese artists," said Vu.

Once every week the artists open their space to the public.

Artists who have participated at several exhibitions across the world will be working alongside Vietnamese young people who have never presented their work in a professional exhibition before.

Both Ogorzelec and Fontaine are living and working in Paris. Ogorzelec's work has been exhibited in 62 solo and over 50 curated group shows. She has also been selected to participate in 18 symposia and residency programmes. Her work is currently installed in 10 public collections.

She received a Polock-Krasner Grant from the Conseil National de Monte Carlo Prix and the title Solidarity with Poland's Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta by the President of Poland.

Fontaine's latest exhibition opened in October at Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris. He has exhibited solo and group exhibitions in Museum and Cultural Places in Paris; The Studio Museum in Harlem in New York and Kunst Werk in Berlin.

Choi is living and working in New York. His work is also displayed at galleries in New York; Seoul and many art centres in the world.

At the end of artistic practice an exhibition will open at 5pm on December 12.