Book on Vietnam’s contemporary life in Singapore

(VOV) -The book titled “It’s a Living: Work and Life in Vietnam Today” was introduced in Singapore on October 19.

The book, published by the National University in Singapore, is part of an exchange programme between California University and Hanoi University since 2010.

It consists of 69 interviews made by Dr Gerald Sasgas and his student with Vietnamese people of all ages and professions living at home and abroad.

According to Gerald Sasgas, the most important message of the book is that every profession is of equal importance. Those involved in the interview included not only CEOs and factory managers but also garbage collectors, mobile phone saleswomen, advertising executives, motorbike drivers, and farmers - all wishing for a better life in Vietnam.

The book is beautifully illustrated by 59 photos by Mai Huyen Chi which were displayed as part of the IPA Photobook Show 2013 at the National Library of Singapore on October 19-20.

It aims to promote a better insight into the real situation in a country which is fast changing in every field - economic, social and cultural.

Gerard Sasges is an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore’s Southeast Asian Studies Department. He lived and worked in Vietnam for 11 years (2000-2011).