Audio-visual performance 4DOORS to take place in Hanoi

Heritage Space and DomDom will present “4DOORS”, the second concert of the experimental musical performance series “Beyond Sound 2018” on May 25.

audio-visual performance 4doors to take place in hanoi hinh 0

This time will be an audio-visual performance, a product of collaboration between Autonomicon - an international group represented by Denis Trusov, and new age artists from DomDom.

The project tells about the gloomy borderline states of the human psyche, desperate situations, unbearable and existential loneliness inherent in every human being.

The project’s toolkit includes real time sound engineering, music by Autonomicon and Hanoi musicians, and a specific postmodern game with texts in both English and Vietnamese that will be transformed during the show. They are the lost and found keys to the locked doors.

The authors of the show explore the concepts of key, code, secret message and sign. With texts and words playing the role of both the key and the lock, the authors offer their own, somewhat therapeutic vision of approach to human problems.

Beyond Sound is a series of concerts of experimental music curated and organized by Heritage Space and DomDom with an aim to reveal the latest works of Vietnamese and foreign composers and musicians.

Located on the first floor of Dolphin Plaza in Hanoi’s Nam Tu Liem District, Heritage Space is a combination of gallery, library, concert hall, co-working space, boarding room and outdoor space with the possibility of organizing exhibitions, concerts and performances, education and exchange, and many other activities.

Run by a team of curators, art researchers, and artists, Heritage Space is aspiring to become an intersection of individuals and organizations from a wide range of domestic and international creative fields, with a long-term goal to support and develop the creative industry in Vietnam.

A Hub for Experimental Music and Art, DomDom was created in 2012 as the first independent interdisciplinary center dedicated to Vietnamese experimental music and its collaboration with other art forms. Run by artist Kim Ngoc and her husband Xuan Son, DomDom has been playing an essential role in Vietnamese arts and music scenes.

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