Array of international talents set to participate in VNCMF 2019

VOV.VN - The fifth version of Vietnam’s largest classical music event, the Vietnam Connection Music Festival (VNCMF) 2019, is poised to feature a variety of international talents at the French Cultural Centre L’Espace in Hanoi from August 15 to August 16.

array of international talents set to participate in vncmf 2019 hinh 0

The event promises to showcase a range of special performances from international artists including cellist Avery Waite and Kim Mai Nguyen, a French violist with Vietnamese origins.

The audience will have the chance to listen to new pieces of music from three renowned Vietnamese composers including Skyline by Vu Viet Anh, Flashbacks by Nguyen Minh Nhat, and A Gentle Wind by Nguyen Manh Duy Linh on August 15.

Another gala will be held on August 16 which will present the works of international composers from France to the Czech Republic, many of which will be making their debut performance in the nation.

Founded in 2015, the festival serves as an initiative of award winning violinist Bui Cong Duy and Dr. Vu Chuong, one of the most outstanding Vietnamese American violinists. 

Through cultural exchange activities, the VNCMF is scheduled to bring sensational music to a local Vietnamese audience.

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