”An Ode to the Motherland” Gala to be held in HCMC

Two new works (a symphony and a ballet) completed in 2015 will have their premiere at 8pm on May 19 at the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, 7 Lam Son Square in HBSO’s Gala “An Ode to the Motherland”.

They are two important works as they mark a new development in Vietnamese classical arts.

Composer Vinh Lai’s 4-movement symphony “The Unshakable and Heroic East – Southern Motherland” has strong flavors of Southern folk songs in a uniquely colorful and creative modern context as it shows profound humanity and philosophy.

There have not been many works in this standard four-movement structure lately; this work shows great effort and creativity.

The Ballet Suite “The Motherland”, choreographed by People’s Artists Ha The Dung, Luong Xuan Thanh and Ta Thuy Chi, music by Vu Viet Anh and La Y San, premiered in March 2015 and has made a great impression on the public and critics alike.

The work will be performed by famed dancer Ta Thuy Chi and artists from the Experimental Theatre of the Ho Chi Minh City School of Dance.



Symphony ”The unshakable and heroic East – Southern Motherland”

I. Allegro vivace

II. Lento marciale funebre

III. Moderato – Scherzando

IV. Allegretto – con fuoco. Frestino

Performing: HBSO Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Mer. A. Tran Vuong Thach


Suite Ballet ”The Motherland”

Script & Choreography: NP. A. Ha The Dung

Music: Vu Viet Anh, La Y San

Choreography: P. A. Ha The Dung, Ta Thuy Chi, Luong Xuan Thanh

Performing: Ta Thuy Chi  & students, dancers of HCMC Dance Ballet School

Ticket prices are VND550,000 – VND400,000 – VND350,000 – VND200,000 – VND80,000 (for students only)